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        • Mission — To be a driver improving people’s life

          Fuda is committed to entering the fields to improve people’s life.
          Fuda is committed to promoting the development and progress of industries.
          Fuda is committed to achieving win-win and harmonious development and benefiting all concerned parties such as clients, shareholders, partners and society with its unremitting efforts.
          Fuda is committed to promoting the growth of employees and making them benefit from more achievements of business development.

        • Core Values — Integrity, Responsibility, Win-win

          Our business is established on integrity.
          We become more valuable for responsibility.
          We aim to achieve a win-win management.

        • Vision — To become an international corporation with unique corporate culture and sustainable competitiveness

          Fuda worships an enterprising and humanized culture, pursues openness and internationalization and forms a corporate culture with its characteristics in its development.
          Fuda blends itself into the global competition and reaches an international level by continuously stepping up its competitive advantages in such areas as talents, technology, products and management.
          Fuda will remain passionate, keep surpassing rivals and itself, be a healthy and lasting excellent enterprise and build a happy home.

        • Spirits — Concentration, Struggling, Openness, Innovation

          Concentration is the behaving attitude of Fuda people.
          Struggling is the behaving style of Fuda people.
          Openness is the cooperation mentality of Fuda people.
          Innovation is a strong development momentum of Fuda people.

        • Work Style — Rigorous and Ernest, Collaborative and Efficient

          Being rigorous and earnest is a work style requirement for every employee of Fuda.
          Everyone should be rigorous and meticulous. Do it, and do it well.
          Collaboration and efficiency is a work style requirement for every team of Fuda.
          The members of every team should take the initiative to communicate and cooperation, take quick actions and do every work well in a most efficient manner.

        • Operation Philosophy — Quality First, Winning with Efficiency

          Quality is the precondition to survival and development. Quality is the root. Without quality, everything is zero. Only with good product quality can we win the chance of cooperation and the trust from clients.
          Efficiency is a magic weapon to win in the competition. Efficiency creates opportunities and determines costs and competitiveness. Best results are yielded from efficiency and quality.
          We should never pursue the scale blindly, but should pursue sustainable operation and lasting growth.

        • Management Philosophy — System First, Warm and Humanistic

          We respect systems and uphold the authority of systems. We respect the appeal of humanity in developing and revising systems, follow corresponding procedures and keep perfecting and forming rigorous, scientific, efficient and rational management systems.
          Everyone is equal in front of systems. Systematic management is judged based on results. We will not stop our efforts until problems are solved, difficulties are overcome and purposes are fulfilled.
          We will create a good working and living environment to strengthen the sense of belonging of our employees, stimulate and unleash their positive energy and unite everyone tightly with the tie of affection and career.

        • Talent Philosophy — Following No Set Form, Use and Foster Talents

          Talents who recognize the culture and cause of Fuda are welcomed. Talents will be introduced, selected, used and fostered without any constraint.
          We will try to create a fair and equal environment to provide opportunities to those who want to work, provide a stage to those who can work and provide returns to those who have worked and succeeded.
          Fuda respects the individuality and pursuit of its employees and respects their profession and assign professional tasks to professionals. We offer opportunities and responsibilities, encourage, stimulate and spur our employees to grow and progress and pursue a lifelong learning, guide them to align their occupational goals with the goals of the enterprise.

        • Customer Philosophy — Listening to the Voice of Customers, Surpassing the Expectations of Customers

          We take customers as our most important partners. It is the fundamental condition for our survival and development to serve our customers well. Our values are reflected in creating values for our customers continually.
          We listen to the voice of customers earnestly, grasp their demands accurately and respond to them in the first moment. We guide the demands of customers, surpass their expectations and make them feel our efforts and new values created by us.
          The trust from customers is the highest reward for us. We will win their trust and establish a good relationship with customers with an honest attitude, quality products and reliable services.

        • Quality Philosophy — Based on Quality, Guaranteed by System

          Product quality is fundamental to our survival. Only with a reliable quality can we secure our customers.
          We have established quality culture and awareness that “product quality is created”. The work quality determines product quality. We seek perfection and improvement of quality without an end.
          Based on prevention and control in the process, all people are involved in the sustainable improvement. We strictly control every detail in the manufacturing process of products and guarantee the product quality in accordance with the international standards and quality system, and achieve best product quality with a professional performance.

        版權所有Copyright?2018-2022 Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd.

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